Book four


Magic Seeds
V. S. Naipaul

I have a really bad sense of direction, in fact I once got lost in a friend’s living room, granted the lights were off and I had consumed two or three bottles of wine but still it was a living room!

I can remember shuffling across the floor careful not to stub my toe on any furniture with my hands stretched out grabbing at the empty space around me desperately trying to make my way back to the safety of their couch.  Found it eventually.  Had a good sleep and got up bright eyed and bushy tailed to run 21 kilometers in the mountains.

Not so with this novel.  Never got out of the jungle of confusion that Nailpaul spun around his hapless readers.  I kept thinking “where is he taking us?” Why are there no breadcrumbs along the way just in case we want to find our way back home?  The only good thing about the book is that I finished it and get to start a new one now.  Ah well, so much for having a Nobel Prize under your belt…

Up next a recipe for making blueberry pancakes, at least I’ll get something out that.

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