Book five


Ha Jin

No, time may prove nothing.  If this wonderfully written gem confirms anything for me it is that the expectation of something, especially dealing with love, is often the best part of a story.  The longing, dreaming and planning becomes so great that the reality inevitably suffers in contrast.  Those first emotions are so strong and all consuming anything that comes after appears weak. 

You know what I’m saying.  That first time someone’s hand gently brushes up against yours, the deep violet blush when you look into their eyes and you know they know, and they know you know and the whole world just trembles under your feet from the pounding of two hearts.  Yeah, I thought you knew.  In any case this is a classic love story, well written with a few twists and turns along the way that kept me turning the pages. 

One of the things that I love about this project is discovering new to me authors.  I had never heard of Ha Jin before but I promise myself to come back to his work next year when I have more time to delve into his oeuvre.  The language is pure and simple, the story moves along in a well plotted line, the characters are developed and we feel all the agonies, fears, loves and betrayals of this very human tale.


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