Book eight



Rawi Hage



This project of reading a hundred books from a hundred countries gets more and more fun with each new book I open! A shy boy with an appetite for books growing up in the circus becomes a taxi driver in city full of angels and demons. His fares take him through a microcosm of the world; rich and poor, glamorous and destitute, holier than thou and holier than none…


Delirious with madness at times his characters tug at our souls for the purity of their intentions. If you are going to be mad, well, man, go out there and be stark raving mad! The world has no room for tight rope walkers with vertigo, as that precious space between earth and sky that they occupy is where their reality must take them.  Embrace the passion that takes you where you need to be.


Revolutionaries, circus folk, prostitutes, doctors, intellectuals, pushers alike all enter the stage through the doors of his taxi and his own troubled past. They merge to take us on a magic carpet ride through this incredible, theatrical world that Hage has put together for us leaving us at times scratching our head and others laughing at the futility at it all.  I love that. Pure and simple.


I also love the craziness of the universe. I have kept my books in an ever growing and expanding pile, neatly arranged in the order I am reading them.  This was book eight, and book nine resting snugly under it all this time is “too loud a solitude” by Bohumil Hrabal.  See the attached photo! 😉 as on page 50 Hage quotes that very book!


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