Book eleven


Portrait in Sepia

Isabel Allende



Another great book that I was lucky enough to stumble into! Portrait in Sepia is a coming of age story for the main character as well as her home country.  Both heroine and homeland face difficult growing pains and the need to make tough choices that lead to dramatic changes.       Allende gives us a story full of life and love, hardship and heroism, social and sexual awakening in a beautifully written story that divides its storyline between San Francisco and Santiago.


The cast of characters is diverse and fully developed. The story is alive and real.  The plot can be followed in a logical manner without needing a spreadsheet to keep track of what is happening and not once did I need to look up a word in the dictionary.  I know it seems like a silly list to make about a novel, but it isn’t always obvious so when it all comes together as wonderfully as it does in this story I want to point it out.  🙂


This is my eleventh book in this series of reading 100 books from 100 countries and Allende is another author that I am sure I will read again in the following years. Loved this one.  It’s going to be hard at the end of the year to come up with a list of my favorites!!


Next up: Australia!


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