Run ten


As bad as January started off, I have to say the second half of the month has been almost spring like!  Did my Monday mountain run up the famous Bastille fort of Grenoble and carried on to Mt Jalla a rocky outcrop a few hundred meters (very steep) above.  I did the loop up to Mt Jalla twice and on the second time down I decided to take a trail that goes down the other side of the mountain and winds through the town of La Tronche, connecting back to my normal route home just by the museum bridge.



Nice, though narrow, trail through the forest on the way down in the direction of La Tronche.  This particular path is very popular with mountain bikes so I am weary of taking it on weekends as at times there is no room to get out of their way.  As it was the middle of the day on Monday I didn’t cross anyone on this trail.

15 kilometers/ 9 miles, 885 meters/ 2,900 feet climb with clear blue skies, temperature around 50F/ 10C. Glad I was in shorts, took my camel back with 750 cl of water and brought that back EMPTY I was so hot! Probably could have just run with my short sleeve shirt but out of habit I had an extra layer on; it is after all January!


That’s 856 kilometers to go for those of you still counting!!! 😉


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