Run eleven


Another great day for a run! Well, it’s my birthday so I was going to run no matter the conditions! Temperature was ok for shorts again and I decided to push myself a bit more than usual and ran 25 kms/ 15.5 miles. At an average pace of 6:03/km it took me just over two and a half hours.

I stayed along the river which has a mix of paved and unpaved paths that stretch on for I have no idea how many kilometers total, one day I’ll have to bike to see how far out it goes.


A couple hardcore ultra trail runners passed me at about the 9 km mark (one of them had a tshirt that said ultra trail of something or other on it, that’s how I know lol), they blew past me like I was standing still!  I picked up my pace for a stretch of about 700 meters to see if I could stay anywhere near them. That was pointless, but thanks to the sprint it helped keep my pace up.  I’ve only been running for about two years now but I can see, thanks to my running application, that I have made so much progress in that time.  Very happy about that! Two years ago I couldn’t have run 5k let alone 25k! 🙂


Made myself a banana/raspberry smoothie as a post run treat and now I need to do some stretching! I hope you are out running today too!!

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