Run thirteen


I am looking for some advice from the trail/mountain running community. I love mountain runs! Can’t get enough in fact, BUT I am really bad at running downhill and I could really use some hints on how to improve my pace.


What is your technique? How do you step? How do you stand? Are you leaning forward, standing upright, swinging your arms about that like a madman? Feel free to comment, any help is greatly appreciated!


Today’s run was a 15k/9.3 miles with about 900 meter/2,900 feet climb (dénivelé in French) my average pace of 7:38 is OK for me, but it seems like I could really improve my overall time if I could just get an edge on the descent. I did just turn 50 last week, so I don’t want to risk injury and I am not trying to win any ultra trail races; just improve a little.

Here are some pictures of my regular mountain run, some passages are pretty steep and there are loose rocks/stones everywhere and of course sometimes mud and or snow, it’s a great terrain for training as you have to be focused and ready for anything.


The views at the top makes it all worthwhile!


Grenoble, France February 4th 2016 view of the Isère River from Mont Jalla above la Bastille.



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