Book fourteen


Between the Assassinations

Aravind Adiga



Another great read on my quest to travel the world through the written word! A beautifully written story set in a fictional town in India in the period of time that separates the assassinations of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi.


While it is presented as a novel, it reads more like a collection of short stories as each new chapter introduces us to new characters and the previous heroes fade away. This work offers an amazing cross sectional view of life in modern India, we meet people from different classes (or castes) at all points of the social hierarchy; some educated others not, but all struggling to make their way in the great cacophony that is life in a large, overcrowded city in a developing economy.


The writing is brilliant, as far as I am concerned, nothing superfluous or haughty; every word and every page brings us closer to the characters in each story. We feel and see their lives unfold before us; we smell the street food and hear the never ending traffic roaring through the city.


This book is alive, the characters and their settings jump off the page and into our imaginations taking us by the hand and leading us off into a place that is mysterious and captivating at the same time.


I loved it!


What are you reading?


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