Run fourteen


Great day for a run, hard to believe we are in February in France! It’s over 60°F/15.5°C! Clear(ish) skies, a very strong southern wind though (apparently gusts up to 70km/h) thought I was going to be knocked over at some point.

This was my fourth 21k run so far for the year! The weather was nice so I really had to take advantage of the opportunity. Kept a good pace of 6:09 (mn/km), not my fastest but good for me.

I downloaded a new app this week called plume, it gives you an air quality index for your city; it’s handy and a good idea to check before heading out for a run if you live in an area prone to air pollution. Grenoble, unfortunately, has a number of high pollution days each year so I will definitely pay attention now.

Did my stretching and had a smoothie, now I need to catch up on the book part of my blog!  What’s your post run routine?



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