Run sixteen


Another half marathon run! 21k at an ok pace of 6:07/km. Wasn’t sure how the weather was going to turn so I ended up over dressed. It was drizzling when I set out and a little windy so I had a rain coat on top of my standard two layers. After about 3k I was sweating bullets and had to stop to remove my mid layer. It was at that moment that I realised that the hood of my rain coat was removable; I hadn’t spotted the clever zipper in the neck before!

I had my a litter of water with me and went through most of that. Probably should have worn my compression socks for a little extra boost but didn’t think about it until I was already out and running.

The past week I slacked off on my stretching routine; not a good thing as my muscles were a bit tight most of the run. I also didn’t hydrate well the last couple days. Slacking off!!

I stayed along the Isère river for a nice flat run but I hope to do a good mountain run Tuesday or Wednesday.



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