Run seventeen


Excellent mountain run today! OK, discounting the high pollution rate, it was nice otherwise, good temperature, dry and a just a little wind (to help clear out the pollution).


I did get a “vertical kilometer” into my run! In fact my total climb was 1,103 meters!!! (3,618 feet) for a total distance of 17 kilometers (10.5 miles) keeping an overall pace of just under 8:00 mn/k, ok I am not going to win any world championships at that rate but hooray for me! (maybe if I didn’t stop all the time to take pictures…)


One of the great things about living in Grenoble is easy access to the mountains (yes, the mountains also clog up our city with pollution but whatcha gonna do?). The people in Grenoble are all very sporty and I would even say multi-sporty if you’ll permit such a funny sounding word.  I can’t even list all the different activities that folks do here, but I have never lived in a city more sports centered than here; and I don’t mean sports centered in that they sit on their arse and watch football on TV, I mean they go out and “just do it”! 🙂  Every age group inclusive.


The most obvious activity here is hiking, and as we are surrounded by the Alps you would be crazy not to take advantage of all the great hiking opportunities that abound. On my run today there is a specific loop that I do that is very steep and just awesome for building up those leg muscles. Anyway, it’s a loop that goes from a famous mountain restaurant called le pere gras up to a peek call Mont Jalla and generally I make the loop twice. Today my legs were feeling great and I had lots of energy so I did it three times! On this stretch I crossed a couple families walking together with their kids and a lone elderly lady with a back pack and hiking sticks (she was 80 if she was a day). I passed these various groups of folks six times as we all went up and down and each time I got some words of encouragement! The elderly lady just beamed at me every time and said “allez”; it just put the biggest grin on my face and gave me the extra boost I needed to keep going.


When I finally made my last descent I saw the lady again and stopped to chat for just a second, she asked me how many times I made the loop and we shared a laugh at how well I should sleep tonight! Such a nice person!! She really made my day :-).


I am at 95 kilometers for February so far and 265 for the year; not too shabby!


Smoothies are great, but I think I need a beer after this run!

Do you guys get encouraging words on your runs? I hope so!

ps- I am reading a great book right now from Rwanda about a boy who trains to be an Olympic runner, it will be my next entry on the book half of my blog!



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