Run nineteen


Yessss! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!? Just barely two years ago I got off my posterior end and started a C25K program (couch to 5 K) and had no idea what I was doing or why. I was overweight, grumpy and had low energy (sound familiar?) Today, well I dropped the excess fat and have plenty of energy (no comment on the grumpy part!).

The reason I am especially happy with today’s run is that I totally blew away my previous best time for a half marathon run.  My best time (3 times I got the same pace, lol, thought it was impossible to break through) was 2:08:18 at a pace of 6:03/k today I crushed it!! 2:03:33 at 5:51 minutes/k!! I can’t believe I shaved 12 seconds per kilometer on such a long distance. Super psyched!

The next objective is to break that two hour barrier! I know I can do it! It is within my reach and I will get there soon!

Speaking of dogs, I got attacked by one of those damn rat sized dogs on the trail today. He came outta nowhere yapping and ran full speed right at me, I had to jump a meter in the air because I didn’t want to (really) kill him and that would have ruined my time! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE dogs and have been around them all my life; two breeds in particular the beagle and the Airedale terrier are my favorites, but these little yappy dogs that attack everything that moves have no room in my heart! Keep them on a leash if you are on a shared path (bike, run, walk) especially if you know they are prone to charge full on into innocent runners!

The temperature was ok today, but it drizzled most of the time I was out (did I mention I was out for 2:03:33! lol I’ll stop now!) I drank my liter of water throughout the run and had shorts but at the last moment added compression calf sleeves and I think that helped me boost my energy.

Already drank a delicious smoothie but I need to do a little more stretching.

Happy trails to you!


4 thoughts on “Run nineteen

  1. I have another name for these little rat-dogs: in german “Fusshupe” which is like foot horn in english. When you step on them they would probably make a sound like a horn. Don’t like them at all!
    Well done with the pb!

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