Book eighteen


Courir sur la faille / Running the rift

Naomi Benaron



Amazing to think of this as a first novel; I for one was swept away by the story and its characters.


Set in Rwanda in the years leading up to and just beyond the genocidal war between the Hutu and Tutsi peoples, we follow a young boy as he grows from promising child runner to a potential world class athlete. The struggles the people of Rwanda face are incredible and I for one am unable to find the words necessary to describe their plight. The author does an amazing job of walking us through it though and I am grateful to her for this.


The book is at once a chilling social essay, a love story and a feel good “yes we can” kind of story that leaves us cheering for the hero. As a confirmed running nut I am always happy to find a novel that talks about runners, so this fit the bill perfectly.


I knew very little about the genocide before picking up the book; I was “aware” of it so to speak through 30 second news blurbs on TV, but it was never really brought home to me. It is impossible to say that I understand what happened in this country (how can you justify genocide?), but the severity of the story is much more apparent, I can put a face to it in a manner of speaking.


Yes, I like the book. Yes, I recommend the book. Yes, I will follow this author in the future.


I try to keep my posts short and to the point! Off to Iceland now for a new story…


Happy reading to you!


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