Run Twenty


I made it up the mountain! My legs felt tired and heavy so I didn’t go as far, long and high as usual but still…I got up there! 12K with a 656 meter climb it took me about an hour and half round trip; not a bad Friday afternoon activity!

Lots of people on the trails today, some runners taking advantage of the nice temperature but mostly large groups of people, families and school groups everywhere. At times it was like an obstacle course getting around everyone.

I definitely wasn’t well hydrated today, went most of the morning without any water and drank a double espresso, that along with the half marathon distance I ran on Tuesday probably combined to the “heaviness” of my legs.

Not a bad day overall, taught two classes this morning and found out that one of my students is moving to Seattle this summer! I am so excited for him! (and yes, maybe just a little jealous). In any case things have worked out so well for him and his wife; he won a green card in the annual lottery and his wife just signed a contract with a French school in Seattle so it is all coming together perfectly for them. I can’t wait to hear how it all works out in the fall! (as I am friends with his sister in law, and she reads this blog I will make sure to get updates from her!! wink, wink!)

Hope to get another shorter road run in this weekend, probably 10k along the river, just hope my energy level increases and I can sleep at night. I have some really horrible neighbors right now that play their music very loud all night long; in the last several days I think I got one night of sleep and the rest of the nights maybe half a night. Hard to focus on anything when you can’t sleep. Grrrr.

Anyway, happy Friday everybody! It’s pizza and wine night for me for sure! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Run Twenty

  1. Great about the running! wow for your mountain legs! I had a dream I was, really i did! I live in quite flat lands though 😦 shame about the neighbours – have you asked them to pipe down? earplugs? keep running, keep smiling 🙂


    1. yes, the mountains are awesome! I love running up the hills (less going down for some reason). As for the neighbors…ugh, they are just mean people who have no respect for others. I have spoken to them, the building management, other neighbors and the police have been contacted…all to no avail so far. But like they say, what doesn’t kill ya makes ya stronger!! 😉

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