Run Twenty Two


March Mountain Madness is off to a good start! My first run of the month was up my favorite mountain trail that winds above Grenoble. The temperature was mild, the sky was well blue-ish (darn pollution in this town) but the wind at times was strong and chilly. I plan to log at least 5,000 meters  (16,500 aprx feet) climbing for the month so I’m happy I got on the scorecard today at 15k with 856 meters (9+ miles & 2,800 feet).

Feeling great! Despite waking up at 2am and not being able to sleep again until maybe 4:30, with a 6 o’clock alarm for an early class that didn’t leave much time to snooze. I ended up eating some peanut butter and a couple cookies, I never snack in the middle of the night but I was famished.  Had three cups of espresso when I made it in to the office just to face my one class of the day! Fortunately it’s a great class so no problems there! I have to admit that of late I have been lucky and the vast majority of my students have been great fun to work with! (ha! some of them should be laughing as I ask them to check out this site from time to time; it’s a good English lesson guys!!)

I still have difficulty perfecting my downhill running technique, can’t seem to just “go with the flow”, too afraid to pick up speed and risk slipping and falling; I don’t have the strongest ankles so I worry about injury! I try to check out people as they pass me on the way downhill, but it isn’t easy to see what they are doing differently from me (but they are passing me). I am happy with the trail shoes that I have, so I don’t think they are the problem; in fact this is my third pair (trail) since I started running and by far the best! Ah well, practice, practice………..and practice some more! (just like learning English!!).

Depending on my energy level I will try to do the route on Thursday so that I get as many meters on the counter as possible! I am famished!!! Is it dinner time yet? No? Ugh!

Happy trails, y’all!


8 thoughts on “Run Twenty Two

  1. I would love to learn down hill technique. Last year, while trail running, I fall down and injured my knee. Ran too fast down hill)
    Your good mood after short sleep is clear explained, hormones of happiness, endorphins, produced by running)

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  2. I got advice from another super-experienced trail runner to hit the trails like a penguin; keep your center of balance in the middle of your body. So when I go out, I just pretend I’m a penguin–quite fun! As far as shoes, I wear Brooks Ghosts, road running shoes but they seem to work fine for the trails since I’m not exclusively doing them. Happy trails!


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