Run Twenty Three



Happy to say I made it back up the mountain, same run give or take a few meters up and down as I did on Tuesday. The added bonus today was rain, snow, mud, slush, wind, wet feet and lots of stops for picture taking. It was awesome!


At the fort level (La Bastille elevation 476m) the rain changed to snow, hard to see on this picture but it was coming down!

15.6 k run with 932 m climb, not my best time as I stopped repeatedly to take pics. 🙂


The rest of the pictures are at a higher altitude and in the direction of Mont Jalla, at this point the snow was heavier with each meter I climbed. You can see by the footprints that I was not the only crazy person out running in this weather!


I noticed tire tracks, at least one person braved the path on a bike!

And some final views from the top! What an amazing run and day! Absolutely loved it even with wet feet (they dry fast) and freezing toes (they didn’t fall off) it was perfect!

I will rest tomorrow and run again on Saturday, IF I have the energy I will do the mountain again…goal for March is at least 5,000 meters climbed!!

Happy trails!!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Run Twenty Three

  1. Hi Ben, happy to read that you are still in the race – more than ever – even under the snow!
    Sad snow, but you keep your faith and stamina which I find so impressive!
    As many of your supporters around the world, I would like to know the number of km lasting until you reach your golden globe!
    Thanks and happy challenge to you!

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