Run Twenty Five


Welllll, the good thing is that I got out for a run. What I didn’t realize was that someone put glue on the bottom of my running shoes, tied 10 kilogram weights to my ankles AND chained an American school bus to my arse. Fact. Seriously, all that and the kitchen sink added up to a horrible run. I couldn’t pick up my legs, my breathing never got rhythmic and Cyndi Lauper kept popping up on spotify; how could I get a decent run in with all of that going against me? I ask you! HOW!?

I did take a nice picture of the trail I run along the river. I did get outside. I DID, in fact, run. That’s something at least.

10k down. That’s about 376k for the year. 624k to reach 1,000. Oh, and I did technically climb 85 meters so that much goes towards the month goal of 5,000 meters. It’s all about taking one step at a time; right!?

Oh la la, I need a cookie or a whole box…

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