Book Twenty One


The Deportees

Roddy Doyle



Always liked Doyle; The Commitments, Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha, The Woman Who Walked Into Doors and now The Deportees.


It’s a collection of short stories and we all know at this point that I love short stories, right? Right.


All of the stories deal with immigration to Ireland. The lives of the newly arrived, their struggles at integration and multiculturalism, that big M-word that is getting bandied about a lot these days on both sides of the Atlantic.


The stories, like the characters, are full of life. Each episode of this modern tale is chock full of music, mayhem, laughs and challenges for the heroes. I love a good story teller and Doyle fits the bill nicely. Grand you might say.



Humour and social turmoil run through the text, holding hands like happy, young lovers calling us out on our own prejudices and long held stereotypes; everyone is just thrown into the mix on the giant dance floor of life and told to grab hold of someone and love them like there may be no tomorrow.


It’s an easy and fun read that took me two days to get through, not a lot of flowery descriptions or philosophical meanderings…just good down to earth and believable people full of color and of course hilariously profane.


Recommended? Yes! Fuck that.



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