Book Twenty Two


No Time for Goodbye

Linwood Barclay



A good thriller keeps you glued to the book, eagerly turning page after page, not caring if it’s two o’clock in the morning; that’s exactly what No time did for me. It was what I wanted and expected; nothing complicated, lots of action and nail biting suspense!


I need a little break from the more serious literature I have been reading and this proved to be perfect. I have to admit this was not the first Barclay novel I read, so it’s not exactly a discovery but it was just so much fun I couldn’t pass it up or put it down.


The story revolves around a woman trying to find the truth behind the disappearance of her family when she was fourteen. They vanished one night leaving no trace, the police unable to find even the smallest clues abandon the case and Cynthia lives the next twenty five years not knowing what happened.


A tabloid show on television decides to open the cold case and takes up her cause, hoping to solve the mystery that has kept everyone in the dark for so long. People start coming forward, some with hidden motives, giving information about the family. Needless to say there are many twists and turns along the way, car chasses, near misses, unscrupulous characters, befuddled police and devoted friends…


Ah ha, but not all is as it seems…beware! OK, that’s all I will say, it’s a great story as far as thrillers go, I recommend it (or any other book by the same author) it’s entertaining and fun!!


3 thoughts on “Book Twenty Two

  1. Hi, some other books from the Asian side:
    1. Noli Me Tangere (Touch Me Not) by Jose P. Rizal. He is a Philippines National Hero. This book was one of his writing against the Spanish conquistador that ignited the Philippines War for Independence. He was executed in Manila
    2. Interpreter of Maladies – Jhumpa Lahiri. She is actually an American writer of Bengali descent. For me this book has a strong Bengali (area around Bangladesh) flavor

    A European writer that I really like is Milan Kundera titled Ignorance. This one is nice. Some of his writing was banned during the Communist Czechoslovakia era.

    Have a nice Sunday

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