Run Twenty Six

It was a nice day for a run, comfortable in shorts and just a tee shirt, the sun was shinning and while there was a layer of smog it wasn’t horrible.  I haven’t run in almost a week, I think sometimes our bodies send us messages when we need to stop and rest for awhile. So I stayed in and rested, drank lots of water, slept well and kept hoping my body would say, “OK man, today is the day! get out there and run like the wind!”

Well, that never happened. I had to force myself out and go for a 10k along the rive at an abysmal speed AGAIN. Lol, it shouldn’t be so hard…I know it will get better, I just can’t stand these low points where motivation and energy levels just fall off. Ah well, it’s like that for everybody.

I will definitely get back out this week for another mountain run, that should perk me up some.

Total kms for the month so far: 66

Total for the YTD: 386

Pretty good post run feeling despite the frustration 😉


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