Run Twenty Seven


OK, so yesterday I was whining and complaining about having NO energy, NO motivation, NO nothing and my body just didn’t want to get out and be active! I woke up today with that SPARK that says “hey, old man, today you conquer than dang mountain!’ 🙂

There is just no telling what to expect from one day to the next, but as my one and only class of the day was cancelled and the weather was beautiful I just couldn’t stay in and do nothing. Got my trail shoes on, filled the camel back with water, picked a play list on spotify and just headed out the door for a GREAT run up the mountain.

Even jumped on a park bench! (Proof, Patricia!)


For the numbers: 15K and 894M climbed.

For the month so far: 81K and 3,740M (still hoping to climb 5,000 for the month)

I took lots of pictures!


and yes, it IS a good day to have a good day! 🙂

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