Run Twenty Eight


Spring is still a few days away (officially) but it was all blue skies and warm temperature in Grenoble today! As I had the day off i couldn’t miss the opportunity to go on a nice long run.

I managed a half marathon distance; there was no stopping me today. My pace was slow and I came in about 18 minutes longer than my best time. No big deal as it was a pleasure just being outside  (for over 2 hours).

Some flowers are popping up along the river bank and the trees are just starting to green again. So happy winter is fading away! I passed several horses along the way but never thought to take a picture. Next time.

One of the local farmers has started tilling, as shown in the picture above, another indication of spring!

So, add another 21k to the tally and 198 meters to climbing total for 3,937 m! Another 1000 or so meters to reach 5000 for the month! Woot! Piece of cake šŸ˜Š

Managed to take a not  (too) horrible selfie at the halfway point.


Green frame for post paddy day theme.


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