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Run Twenty Nine


It’s the first day of spring so I had to go for a run!

It took me three hours to get motivated enough to get up and go, but when I finally got out there it was fantastic!

I kept an average pace of 5:08/km for 10k at 51:25. Great time for me! 2nd best ever, the only faster time was in a race and that’s pretty hard to beat running alone. So happy!

Also, a big thanks to everyone reading my blog. I just passed 1,000 views overnight and that makes me so happy!

Here is a random picture…What grows in the spring in your part of the world?


And one more attempt at a selfie…


Hmmm,  not so great…I was tired, yeah, that’s my excuse!

That is definitely my lucky green shirt though! Makes me run fast!


7 thoughts on “Run Twenty Nine

  1. I dream of running 10k in any time, your time would be beyond dreams at present. I love your challenge and will follow your progress. I can’t say I’ve seen any newly sprouted shopping trolleys on my runs – maybe I need to go further.
    Thanks for stopping by my new blog.

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