Run Thir-tee!


An incredibly active day today! Biked 10K, ran 10K and walked 10K!ย  30 kilometers traveled, carbon footprint ZERO and happiness factor elevated! Feel great if a little tired as I also had 4 and half hours of classes.

442K run so far this year, 558 to reach 1,000k goal.

This month’s challenge of climbing 5,000M is getting close; 4,118.

Watched an excellent TED video this morning. The speaker was the prime minister of Bhutan and he discussed the idea of gross national happiness and the fact that his country is carbon neutral. It was a wonderful talk and I haven’t stopped thinking about it all day.

Trip to Bhutan is now on the bucket list!

Happy easter weekend everybody, hope you go for a run AND read a book!



9 thoughts on “Run Thir-tee!

  1. Hey Ben!
    I love your post today as I know I am a little piece of it!…
    You emphasize the best in Life: Happiness… So difficult to reach and to keep!
    We all see that you are trailing towards it: keep on running, dear awesome Teacher!

    Liked by 1 person

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