Run Thirty One


Two objectives for today. First, to reach my goal of climbing 5,000 meters for the month. Second, reach my goal of climbing 5,000 meters for the month.

With today’s run I logged in another 17 kilometers and 1,117 meters for a total of 5,235 meters for the month of March! March mountain madness was a success!!! 🙂

140k for the month and I may still get another run by Thursday but it will be a flat one.


It rained the entire run, but I was warm and dry with my layers and raincoat. I was surprised at how many people I saw on the paths, it is a holiday in France today but I thought the rain would keep people indoors. Not a problem of course, people hiking on the mountains are friendly.


I don’t know why today of all days, but I couldn’t stop thinking of my father during my run. It definitely put a smile on my face! He was one of the friendliest people you could meet and an incredible story teller. He had these beautiful piercing blue eyes that just lit up when he got one his tall tales going. My sister and I could never be sure which stories were true or embellished but we didn’t care. He had travelled everywhere in his life, between his time in the US Army and later the merchant marines; all around the Pacific, India, South America, not to mention a few cross country  (US) road trips and several European countries.

I wish I had written some of them down. I wish I had recorded his voice as he spoke so that I could listen to him today; some 20 years since his final story was told. The last couple years of his life he suffered a few strokes and had greater and greater difficulties speaking. Somehow he still got his stories out; making up words through the use of his hands or the motion of his head. He would point behind him to indicate the past then look and me and smile to make sure I understood.

He grew up in beautiful countryside in Maryland, the 10th of 11 children, and was an excellent horseman, hunter, swimmer, pool player, poker player, brother, friend and father. This afternoon he was with me on my beautiful mountain, probably smoking his pipe, telling me one of his stories. Maybe that gust of air that came up from behind as I made the final push to the top of the mountain was his hand on my shoulder giving me a little nudge.

One thing for sure I had a big smile on my face the whole time.
Thanks Pa.


16 thoughts on “Run Thirty One

  1. I like to think you’re right about your dad helping you up the mountain. It’s absolutely true that we don’t appreciate friends and family until they aren’t there anymore – and your dad sounds great.
    Your achievement this month is admirable. Well done!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post Ben. I think about my Dad a lot when I’m running. He was a long distance walker rather than a runner. I only started running after he’d passed and when I run I wonder what he’d have made of it. Your dad sounds like he was an amazing individual .

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