Run Trente Deux


It’s Saint Benjamin Day today!  As well as the end of the month so I had to get one more run in 🙂

I have no idea who Saint Benjamin was or what he must have done to become a saint, but according to the calendar today is the day to recognise Benjamins everywhere! I, certainly,  am rather saint like myself. So by all means, yes, do go right ahead and celebrate me. 😉

Today was also a great day to go on strike (la grève! La grève!) IF you are in La Belle France. Public transport was shut down. Shop windows were smashed. General merriment was had by all. Oh là là.

Ten kilometers run today along the lovely river. Many bananas eaten.

Total for the month 150k and 5,400 meters climbed.

An elusive amphibian; the water trolley:


Yeah, so, um my new thing is snapping pictures of shopping carts I come across in the wild.

I really need to catch up on the book side of my blog. April will be more productive in that respect!



16 thoughts on “Run Trente Deux

      1. They are just too sweet. I do like them frozen in smoothies … but not too much! Not that I don’t like them … I just wish I could love them more and put it with peanut butter on bread … very convenient as well!

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  1. Excellent. More shopping trolley art work. I like it. You could do a photo collage when you have enough. I’ll keep my eyes peeled when I’m out and about. This could be the start of a Pan European shopping trolley project -although I fear that the scrap metal trolls in the UK may have vanished all the trolleys away. I can’t remember the last time I saw one in the wild.

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