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Run Thirty Three


I watched a bit of the Paris marathon on TV this morning, it looked like a great race, apparently they had 50,000 runners! Madness. I really didn’t feel prepared to enter such a big event. The longest distance I have run at this point is 30K and that was horrible…on the positive side I know that I am in much better shape today, so if I can keep it up maybe I will run the Paris marathon next year. πŸ˜‰

As for my run today I got an excellent 10k in at 52:15 for an avg speed of 5:13 m/k. My fastest km was an insane 4:46! Not sure what caused that, there were several people on the path and I just wanted to get around them so I must have accelerated more than I realised.

For April I am going to try to get more long runs in and HOPE to break my 2 hour wall for a half. I can do it! πŸ˜‰


A different water loving trolley today, sub genus Carrefour super market.

Had a bomb scare on Friday at work, the neighbourhood around the court house was evacuated for about 3 hours. A scary moment there, but a bomb sniffing pup was helicoptered in and he gave us the all clear. A sad reality of our lives today.

In any case happy April everyone and I hope you get out there and smash your personal records! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “Run Thirty Three

  1. Congrats on your 10k PB. Awesome time! Amazing feeling when you reach a new goal post!
    As for breaking that 2hr barrier I break halfs into chunks now. I have a approx 5k time, same at 10k and aim to get 10miled around 1:30. That gives me the last 5k to do in 29 minutes (I’m only just under 2hrd at 1:58 but I’m determined to reach 1:55 this year….. Wish I hadn’t said that out loud lol) I’m sure you will get there and excel yourself!
    Paris looked amazing

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    1. That’s a good strategy, I am going to work on it. Thanks! Yeah, Paris looked great and I really want to get there next year. One of my former students finished in the top 50 women at about 3:05:00, she is amazing! I would hope to finish in 4 and a half (if that!).

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      1. Don’t underestimate your ability to get to where you want to be.
        I haven’t done a marathon YET but the lure of one is strong. I know I would begin with “I just Want to finish” but secretly plotting what I would see as a respectable time in my head hahahahaha
        Your student sounds amazing! Bet there is s part of you that wants to flow her time out of orbit lol

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      2. Yeah I am the same…i would tell everyone that I just want to cross the finish line, but in my mind I would be setting objectives! I wish I could follow my student but she’s clearly out of my league. A three hour marathon at 50….not impossible but… πŸ˜‰
        Thanks for your words of encouragement!!


  2. I think you could probably lap me at that speed. I have my first 10k organised run on May 8th and I’m still working up to the distance. Your half marathon goal is inspiring. Keep up the good work (and the trolley photos!)

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  3. Great pace. I don’t care for the large, crowded races anymore. I like the small ones although they are not usually the best organized. Paris would be amazing though.

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