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Run Thirty Four!


Finally got my mountain run in for the week! It kept getting  put off to that dreaded “tomorrow” place and never seemed to get done. Got home at a reasonable time, put shoes on and wham! out the door.

So glad I have a mountain that I can run straight to and go crazy on!!


That’s a bit of a scramble at the tip top but I like it because I know it’s all down for the next 2 kms (until I turn around and come back up for another loop).


Had a light drizzle most of the way. Kind of nice. I like running in the rain more and more.

Add another 15 km to the tally and 887 meters climbed. Not bad, not bad! According to runkeeper it was my second fastest time for this particular run. Have to dig through the history to find the fastest. I definitely got stuck at three traffic lights as it was Rush hour and I couldn’t just bolt across the intersections.

Another trolley, this one from a few days ago when the sun was out. I guess it wanted to get out and about on such a nice afternoon!


Also, as we have an ecologist mayor he likes to find alternatives to traditional pollution causing activities.


We have three donkeys (or mules I honestly don’t know) chomping away at the over grown grass in public spaces. I wish I had thought to take a picture of the bottle neck of traffic just behind us.


Planning to get out and run over the weekend! We’ll see how that goes. Happy Friday everybody!  🙂

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