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Run Thirty Five


Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Clear blue skies, sunshine, warm temperature and plenty of energy adds up to a perfect run day in grenoble.

I slashed my PB for a half marathon run by 01:10!! Inching closer and closer to my sub two hour objective; today was 2:02:23, so I still need to shave a little off to get there but I am so close! πŸ™‚


Lots of folks out today enjoying such a fine Sunday afternoon.Β  I did see one silly thing though on the trail. This 50 year old guy was playing leap frog with some young punk half his age. I passed this kid early in my run, er, I mean this old guy passed some kid early in his run then 500 meters later the kid passed me, I mean him, so the old guy had to speed up and pass the kid again. Of course the kid had to pass me again, so I,Β  er he, had to speed up and try to overtake him again.

At that point the old guy realised he would not survive for 21k if I, I mean he, kept playing this stupid game.

What is it with these old guys!? Why can’t they just focus on their objectives and leave the young punks to their own battles. Some never learn! :-p


Random graffiti monkey. Good for an old monkey.


This guy was quite literally waiting for me at my starting line! My first trolley groupie. I couldn’t have planned it better.


Resting for a couple of minutes on the river bank afterwards. I had a great run! Very happy with my new best time!

Happy Sunday!Β  πŸ™‚

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