Book Twenty Three


Karin Alvtegen

I never realised how popular crime fiction was in Scandinavian countries before this project. There are literally “oodles” of writers churning out nail biting thrillers! Good stuff all around. That’s literary speak for I have thumbed through several of them standing in the aisle of a local bookshop having a hard time choosing one to buy.


This was a good read, not exactly a raving endorsement, but a bit too simplistic and predictable. Well written I will admit I never felt like I just had to put it down and go for a walk to the fridge; it kept my attention.


I suppose the underlying theme was the concept of “choices” we make and the “if only” thoughts we have afterwards. This never would have happened…if only I hadn’t gone/done/been etc…

Throw in a psychotic postman and voilà you have a thriller on your hands!


Add a foreign locale with lots of names you can’t quite pronounce and it seems like a cultural experience.

Haha well I did have fun reading it but I don’t think I will seek out the author in the future.

Glad I have started up the reading project again; needed a break but I am back in form now.

Next up: South Africa!

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