Run Thirty Seven


Today’s run was decided on Facebook. I was not feeling motivated and it was pouring rain all morning. Posted the simple question, should I run or not and said I would do whatever the first person says. I could have gone either way and was leaning towards cracking open my latest book and making a pot of tea. Leave it to a fellow runner to tell me I should do it! Ten minutes later I was out the door and headed to the mountain.


Love the elevation graph! 886 meters climbed and 15 kms run. You can see the double loop at the mid point. Love it.


Puddle meet my sexy leg. You won’t stop me running today. Not a lot of runners out today but a few die-hard types. Nutters you might call them. I just shake my head at them and mutter to myself “don’t you have anything better to do!? It’s raining and cold!” Ack, what can ya do??


There’s a cute pup.

Be good.
Be kind.
Be strong.


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