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Run Thirdy Nine!


The graffiti says breathe. Wise. Very wise. Take time. Breathe.

Serious running today!


All dressed up in red and black. Bag full of water and a couple easy snacks. Spotify ready to go.


But first, why did the runner cross the road?? To take a picture of the trolley waiting for him of course!! I can’t make this stuff up. No trolley has been used more than once. EVERYWHERE I go they follow me.

I set out for a long run today. Preparing myself mentally and physically all week to be ready. Had my secret “steak and potato before a long run dinner” last night. No turning back after that. (Yes, I know…Meat bad. Red meat very bad.)

I tried to link a short video. Not sure if it works. At the halfway / turnaround point I stopped to listen to a pond full of frogs! If you listen carefully you might hear them saying “la grève! La grève!” If it doesn’t work just know that it was a funny moment in the middle of my run!


On the way back I took this picture. What can I say…Just that the oldest profession is alive and well here. I counted seven total, ready for the lunch hour rush I suppose. Sad. Very sad.


So, singing frogs, waiting pros***, stalking trolley and lots of pavement under foot.


Thirty kilometres run in 3:03:44! Very, very happy with that time and distance. For me it’s a great result!  🙂

Exhaustipated. Happy Friday!

9 thoughts on “Run Thirdy Nine!

  1. That’s great running. I’m loving the eclectic content in your blog today. Frogs, trolleys and er (I’m trying to choose my words carefully) ‘ladies of the night’. Or ‘ladies of the lunchtime’?! I can’t hear the frogs on my useless phone but when I used to visit a friend in Belley the frogs croaking all night used to drive me insane.

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    1. Ha! Yeah, I like the random type posts best as well. Trying to motivate myself for a run up the mountain today….notre sûre how much coffee it will take. The frogs are great but I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep through the symphony!

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