Run For-tay!


I love to start off  the day with cartoons. Here’s a classic Wile E Coyote vs Road Runner scene. Silly Coyote when will he ever learn!? Gotta love the old boy for trying!

So, yeah, had a run. It was nice. Went up the mountain, did lots of loops at the top. Here’s another funny looking graph.


17.5 K (10.8 miles) 1,133 M climbed 3,700 feet. In addition to the 30 k run on Friday I have really pushed the limit this weekend. But it’s all good. So…more pictures!


Trees are alive. Hills are alive.


What do you do when you see one of these universally recognised signs of greeting?  Seriously. Do you keep your eyes glued to the ground and ignore the oncoming weirdo? Or do you maybe smile and wave back? Of the 2,396 people I waved to today I got like one or two nods and a bonjour. Do i exaggerate the numbers? Never. I counted. Two thousand three hundred and ninety-six people I waved to today.
And they same I’m a grumpy old man. Bah.


I run so fast I have to stay in the bike lane. Don’t want to knock anyone over.
OK. Maybe I exaggerate a LITTLE.

Here’s a fun little video. Every year in grenoble they have this cooky race. People get sprayed various colors. They wear wigs. They run, they walk, they have a generally good time.


Got home, made a smoothie, took a shower (sorry, absolutely no pictures of that).


First time I’ve ever bought almond milk, must say I like it especially in a smoothie. Adding protein with the yogurt. All good stuff!

Crazy busy week coming up. From not enough work to too much work. Hope to get out at least once for an evening run. I don’t do mornings. Can’t be bothered.


8 thoughts on “Run For-tay!

    1. I am sure you would smile and wave! I think maybe a lot of the people I cross on this path are just super focused on their run and don’t think about being sociable. Ah well. I will convert them into wavers 😉

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