Run Forty Two


A great way to wrap up the month with my favourite mountain run. I really love this view; doesn’t get much better!

The weather was fine and the air has been fairly clear all week which is a good thing. Grenoble is sort of trapped in a bowl, surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges (the Vercors, Belledonne and Chartreuse) so pollution can build up and just sit on top of us. I may have mentioned that a couple of weeks ago the pollution rate surpassed Shanghai, things are rarely that bad but it can happen.

Another 15K run with 877 meters climbed. 150 run and 4,469 climbed for April.
YTD 620K and 18,000 meters!


Happy to see more and more green everywhere.

May should be quite nice. Looking forward to warmer days and increasingly longer days as well. It makes it easier to get out for a nice evening run. Or a beer at the local.

Happy weekend everybody.

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