Book Twenty Five


A thousand splendid suns.
Khaled Hosseini.

Khaled Hosseini is a story teller.

For me this is the greatest compliment I can pay a writer. You might think “well, duh!” But no, it’s not that obvious as I have been so disappointed and dissatisfied by some of my recent choices. This book is a gem.

Set in Afghanistan in a continuous state of war pitting two families together  (ultimately) struggling to survive through the Soviet occupation, local war lords and the Americans.


The two main characters are women and I think that says a lot for a book from this troubled land. They are stronger than I could ever be. So full of hope yet slammed again and again against the walls of their own society that dictate they be deemed lesser. Lesser than those who subjugate them. Lesser than those that beat them into submission. Lesser than those who would treat them like dirt.

Still they rise. They rise to fight against their oppressors and the system that put them there.

For freedom. For love. For themselves.


The bottom line is just that I loved this book. The author also wrote the kite runner. I can’t wait to get my hands on that one and any other book he has since written.

Absolutely tops.

Next up: the book shop to get more books!!


7 thoughts on “Book Twenty Five

  1. I can feel you are energiezed by or about this book, great! Havn’t been a while here, I was looking for the book overview page as well. Still in progress or did you skip that idea? 🙂

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