Run Forty Tree!


Haha, nice shot between two trees. Love this bend in the river, it’s such a lovely spot.

Today’s 10K run was less than spectacular in terms of finding my rhythm. My shins were sore, knees unhappy and legs kinda heavy but I got it done.

Pretty good weather, swallowed about 853 gnats as I ran along the river and was attacked by a dog. AGAIN! A jack Russell, they seem friendly enough but as they are terriers they can be aggressive and quite vocal. No problems though as it didn’t actually bite me but I was rather frustrated by the fact that he was off leash. I am sure I am not the first runner he has gone after!


Totally unrelated. Sort of flash gordon looking thing. Flying through space on a ?? not sure what.

Anyway glad I got out. No shopping trolleys these past few days, but I do always get a chuckle when I walk past this tacos stand.


Because you know sometimes an ordinary tacos won’t cut it, you must go royal! So, have a great week I should be out doing a long run on Thursday as it’s a holiday.

Time for a  glass. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Run Forty Tree!

  1. The flying thing looks a little like a satanic sheep. Not many of those around.
    I am a little wary of dogs when I’m out running since being bitten by a westie I was assured was ok with runners. It wasn’t. 😬

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