Run Forty Foh!


Wonderful day for a run! Warm, clear and sunny; throw in a bank holiday and you’ve got it made in the shade!

Went for a 21k skip along the river in my seemingly never ending quest for a sub 2 hour time. Whittled it down to 2h2m this time. Shaved a little off my previous PB. So close. So very close! I can feel it coming…soon.


Just spotted this new sign listing all the cities grenoble is twined with. Seems a bit much. How special a relationship can there be with that many twins?


So, the speed limit in most of the city has been lowered to 30 kph I need to remind myself to run UNDER that limit. Haha, always a comedian 😉


On the big news front I just signed up for my first trail race on the 22nd of the month. It will be 25k with 1500 meters climb in the Chartreuse mountains. Super psyched about this! Should be a great event.

Will make sure to get a good mountain run in this weekend for good measure.
Good times.

3 thoughts on “Run Forty Foh!

  1. The trail run sounds cool! And you’ll get that sub-two hour soon I’m certain. Keep at it!

    My home town is twinned with Le Mans btw. I too am a bit dubious about the supposed benefits of twinning. There’s a street in our town centre called Le Mans Crescent but absolutely everyone pronounces ‘Mans’ to rhyme with ‘pans’ so I’m not sure how great the cultural exchange has been.

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