Run Forty Five

Mountain! Mountain! Mountain! I wanted to see if I will really be ready for my upcoming trail race! Pushed myself to do an extra long, extra hard mountain run today as a test for the real thing.


I managed 21k  with 1,135 meter climb; it’s just shy of what the race day numbers will be and most importantly I did not keel over and die!


Fresh and cold mountain water. The best stuff around! I stopped at this fountain on loops 2, 3 and 4. Bit of refreshment and twenty seconds rest.

2 hours 48 total so I am hoping to finish just under 3 and a half hours for the 25k race. Good to have an objective!!!

As it’s a long holiday weekend there were tons of people out, walking picnicking, time with family having a lovely time of it.


Looks like someone lost their bike helmet but I like how it’s been worked into the cairn! Very grenoblois!


Quick stop at the park for a beer and one of the oddest flavoured snacks of all time. Pickle, ketchup and cheese; the packet says hamburger but honestly we couldn’t find the beef!

Happy weekend everybody, go for a run!


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