Race report / Run 48


Woohoo! I finished my first ever trail race yesterday! The good news is it was a fantastic race through beautiful and varying landscape; mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls and plenty of mud. It was also a beautiful day with comfortable temperatures and not too much direct sun. There was a very friendly and supportive atmosphere, the volunteers that came out to direct traffic and man the water stations were all wonderful and encouraged us on.

The race was officially measured at 25k with a positive altitude change of 1500 meters; my running app came in at 25.2k and 1800 meters climbed! Don’t know which is exact but never mind.

So as far as my performance goes, um let’s put the focus on the fact that completed the race: I DID NOT QUIT! There was a lot of walking, some stumbling and a crazy voice in my head pushing me on. AND I DIDN’T FINISH DEAD LAST! There were seven people behind me. Ooof. Just barely, eh? 4h25 total time which was an hour longer than I had targeted.


Most races hand out finisher medals, we got saucisson!!! (A French salami) much cooler than a medal! Also I got some iris flowers from the garden of my good friends who live in the hosting village and help with the organisation. Big shout out to Kiri and Jean-Marc!!!

So the final word is don’t give up, keep moving forward and enjoy the moment!Β  I can improve and I will improve. Yes!!
(There should be some nice action shots from the race, I’ll pick some for the next post).


23 thoughts on “Race report / Run 48

      1. You had the braveness to rty and that is so great! Today I signed up for my first olympic distance triathlon and its in just 2 weeks! No matter how long it takes I just want to finish it.

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