Run Forty Nine

My first post trail race run! What I likes about today’s run: no freaking mountains!!! No mud! No river! No nasty tree roots and loose stones hiding under wet leaves! ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha! But really, I loved the race it’s just that I needed a nice flat run today to help recuperate.

Got 10Kย  in along the river at a nice and fast pace! 53:44, my 6th best time! Kept my speed over 11k/hr which is very rare. That was fun, so glad I got a run in.

And now…picture time! From the race.


There I am (briefly) ahead of a bunch of people!


Pedal to the metal! Looking alive and well at this point!


Got the whole Joe Cool thing going on with the hat on backwards! No autographs please!!  ๐Ÿ˜‰ and what a great view behind me!!


And the look of death!! Is it over, is it really over?? Promise me it’s over!! Yeah, that’s about how I felt after my first try at a mountain trail race. 25 kms with over 1,500 meters positive altitude change. But I survived to run another day and tell all about it. Even more determined now to keep going!

And one collage. My favourite peeps in the universe!


The ever radiant Miche in yellow, the oh so beautiful Kiri in blue and Jean-Marc looking sooo intensely at the computer. As the official time keeper he was probably wondering if I fell off the mountain somewhere!! “Mais, ou donc est-il ce monsieur Pรชche!?”

Now I really need to go eat some saucisson!

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