Run Fifty!!


Funny randomness found over the last week. Park of the island of love is my favorite! Oh yeah!

21.1kms today on the relatively flat trail along the Isère river. 2:04:27 my fourth best time for the distance! Still dreaming of the sub 2 hour run 😉 I’ll get there soon enough.


Yeah, so, pollen levels are out of control right now. I have been suffering a bit these past several days and trying to run through the stuff is just not fun. What’s great is when you are drenched with perspiration and the pollen sticks to your skin and clothes. It forms a  wonderful itchy sneazy so can’t see where you’re going layer of scum all over. Ah- Ah- tchou!

On the personal front I may have found my dream apartment yesterday! (At least within my limited budget range haha). It’s a little bit out of town but 50€ a month less than I am paying now and is more than two and a half times bigger!!! Even has a fireplace in the living room 🙂 . The greatest thing is there are no shared walls with any other units, there are only 5 apartments in the building and the owner lives in one of them! She is this incredibly energetic wonderful 94 year old lady. I have had no peace in my current building for several months, with horrible neighbours on three sides of me, waking me in the middle of the night, tossing cigarettes on to my balcony and just generally driving me nuts.

This would be a great move!

Happy weekend! Happy running!


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