Run Fifty One


What a fantastic day! I got so much done my head is spinning.

First for the running. A great trail run of 17.5 kms with 1,130 meters climbed. I felt great, lots of energy and my legs were feeling great.

Here is the goofy graph as proof!


A mix of sun and nice refreshing rain. I kept taking off and putting back on my raincoat. I got about three of my waves returned. I find that the higher up I go (fewer people) the more likely I am to get a return nod or heaven forbid a smile! I keep trying.


Cloudy view on this one but still very nice. The rain is great for clearing out pollution AND pollen so no complaints from me!


Really nicely maintained trails around here, it really makes running on them a pleasure.


Keep expecting a rabbit in a great hurry to pop out! I would definitely follow him!!!

Now on the great news side; I got the new apartment I looked at on Friday! Handed in my one months notice on the old place, so by the first of July I will be settled into it. So happy about this!!!

I will be a little out of town but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience of relying on public transport for everything. (I live in France, you may have heard we occasionally have strikes!) There is even a working fireplace, in addition to tons more space and a lovely, peaceful view. More to come.

Monthly totals…
142 kms run.
5,400 meters climbed!!

11 thoughts on “Run Fifty One

  1. Wow, it’s worth the effort on the climbs to get views like that – and the trails look lovely.
    Good to hear you will be moving into the new apartment. I’m sure you will be very happy šŸ˜ƒ

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