Run Fifty Three


Yes! I really needed a nice long run today! Haven’t been out for last 10 days, so I was definitely overdue. It looks like a storm is blowing in right about now very glad I made it back home in time.

21.1kms 2:04:44. Happy with that time for today. Especially considering I had the pleasure of being awakened around 1:30 by some of my great and considerate neighbours. Always a pleasure! Counting down the days until I move. Counting down.


One more week to go in my coffee free month challenge. Not sure why I decided to put myself through this but what the heck, it’s always fun to take on a new challenge. As my company has decided that paying its employees is kind of an inconvenience to them buying stuff (like coffee, or for that matter food) isn’t an option right now. So yay for that! Temptation thwarted.

Ah well new week ahead with new challenges I am sure!


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