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Run Fifty Four


We’ve had a very wet May and June here in Grenoble so our landscape is lush and green. I prefer having a little more rain than normal than not having enough so no complaints. All of the trees are a beautiful dark green, but at the same time time the weeds are really taking over in some places.


The local rabbit colony has also had a population explosion. They hope across the path so quickly though that I can’t get to my camera in time to snap a picture. At one point I had my phone in hand as I was running but there were a couple dogs nearby so the bunnies were smart enough to stay in hiding. Maybe next time I will succeed in getting a picture.


I did capture this guy though!! He was trying to hide behind a bush but I snuck up on him real quiet. Here trolley, trolley, trolley…That’s a good boy…


The last picture is from the park just near my current place; its been my backyard for the past several years and will be one of the things I miss when I move in a couple of weeks. I will still visit from time to time but I will have to find a new spot for the summer.

10K run today along the river, a light rain at times, my legs were very tired from my long run on Sunday so I didn’t push it at all and instead focused on the scenery and breathing in the nice fresh air. Hope to get a good mountain run in the next few days.

Happy Tuesday.


15 thoughts on “Run Fifty Four

      1. This comment worked! I didn’t find anything in spam – did you comment before and it got lost? (Stupid tech … someone should call an expert *hide*)

        As to the cart: You have much more experience than I do in relation to shopping carts in the wild! Are they easily spooked? πŸ˜€

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      2. I tried to comment on your site but I don’t think it worked. Ah well. I rarely see the same cart twice (except if submerged) so I have to assume they get spooked and run off to new spot

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      3. Sorry about that … I seem to often have lately issues with commenting on none hosted sites as well … I also have to follow some sites multiple times! Might be the plugin connecting everything … please let me know if this happens again and you are sure it’s broke!

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  1. You make me giggle with your trolleys! At least it didn’t run away from you and you snapped a picture just in time! Your running path is just so beautiful! You’re on to Wednesday now, so have a happy one!! πŸ˜€

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