Run Fifty Five


Some days are hard, you struggle through every step of your run, at each twist or turn in the path you question your sanity for putting yourself through this painful ordeal. That nagging voice in my own head says bad things like, why do I bother with this? Give up old man, just turn around and wobble home. But I don’t.  I don’t give in to the negative thoughts because I know there will be days like today that make it all worthwhile!!

Today’s run was fueled by positivity. That nagging little voice that tries to knock me out was nowhere to be seen.

I got through a beautiful 20k in the mountains with 1,180 meter positive increase (there is a great word in french for that; dénivelé, so simple!) Woke up very early felt well rested and energetic so I was able to get myself out of the door before 7am. That’s almost unheard of for me, I  should get some extra points just for the early start. 😉

Also, a big shout out to thedancingrunner who by some miracle got a message through to mother nature about not having a thunderstorm today so I could run in the mountains!! Lol it totally worked! 🙂


Some nice views!




Have a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Run Fifty Five

      1. I am not kidding! I grew up near the alps so I should know and remember what mountains are. I felt like I conquered a mountain today … watch says 300 meters … and there come the mountain goat, showing me what a real mountain is!

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      2. Awesome! Lol I am exhausted now though…won’t be moving again until tomorrow. But, yeah the alps are amazing…where did you grow up? Loved your view from the chimney this morning by the way! Glad you found it 🙂

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      3. Yeah…not much mountain wise in your area lol. But you have the sea and I am jealous of that!! I miss the smell of the salt and the sound of waves…the changing light that reflects off the water. Ah well it’s very hard to have both sea and mountain 😉 Munich is nice I visited once as a teenager (a long time ago!).

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