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Run Fifty Seven


In the middle of the move run! Yesterday was phase one; boxes, clothes, small furniture, plants etc..and tomorrow is phase two; big stuff. As the  appartement is cleared out the big items will be so much easier to haul out. The “usual suspects” were with me yesterday, always there when I need a hand!! Don’t know where I would be without them! We worked quickly and efficiently I think we were all impressed at how smoothly it went.

Stopped in to see my new landlady and give her the first months rent and get the keys. She is such a wonderful lady, 94 and sharp as a tack, I think we will have very chatty visits! 🙂

Had a beautiful mountain run! 16 kms with 984 meters climb. Glad I got out relatively early (8am) because as I was coming back down the trails were getting quite busy. It’s warm and sunny so everyone wants to get out and run.


It’s so nice to be up on this particular trail, you can’t hear or see anything from the city and on this stretch I rarely see anyone else. I tend to sing along to whatever song pops up so it can be embarrassing if anyone else is around.


So this was interesting. Someone decided to steal both right side doors. Quite the surprise to the poor people who came out to find this. SMH.

And of course THIS guy was waiting for me when I got home from my run. In Front Of My Door!!!! I kid you not!


Unbelievable I know. It’s my super power. Shopping trolleys are drawn to me.

One last scenery shot to wish you all a great Sunday!


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