Run Fifty Eight


First run in a week! I was so busy with moving, cleaning and work that I had no time to get out for a run. Was feeling cranky! Managed a nice 16k from my new place to the river path and along the winding trail.

I cross over the highway on my way to river trail. There will be some beautiful snow capped mountain views in the winter.

From a running point of view the month of June was pretty horrible, I have averaged 150k each month until now; 87k with only 2,500 meters climbed. July and August will be stellar months though with many runs! I have also gotten back on the bike as my new commute is a bit much to walk, averaging 15k each day but not pushing at all. I do have a monster of a climb though to get home. About 200 meters or so and steep!


Nice view though! Totally going to run up that great big mountain in the background at some point this summer.
Try to stop me!!

Finally all settled into my new place in the country, here is a nice collage.


Pictures taken before all the boxes and furniture of course!   🙂 


Watching the sun set. Listening to the birds (sparrows?) and thinking of nothing in particular.

Early run tomorrow too!


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