Run Fifty Nine

Such a lovely Sunday morning! July is off to a great start running wise; an easy 15k yesterday and an awesome 24k mountain run with 1,300 meters climbed  today. I wasn’t sure what I was in for when I left home this morning but I felt so great it was impossible to turn back.

July temperatures are also off to a good start, I like the heat but it is best to get an early start; out the door before 8 both days.

Halfway up the mountain I found this wine glass, in DC it would have been a bottle of Colt 45 Malt Liquor absolutely love the distinction. 😉 

I hope the forest trails stay lush and green all summer like this!

Not exactly sure where I was at this point, but it’s such a quaint village and really typical of the region. I suppose it’s more of a hamlet than a village; lots of those in the mountains. 

On my final climb home, the last stretch is a very hard 200 or so meters positive increase, I heard the sound of rushing water. A mountain source rushing past under my feet! New objective: find out where it comes from and where it goes! 

I bumped into an old student of mine on one of the trails and we stopped and talked for a few minutes. He was mountain biking with a friend, anyway, he mentioned that I had lost a lot of weight and he was the third person to say so in the past several days. I really thought I was doing better at getting enough calories in to balance all the sport but apparently not. Need to work on this more.

So I splurged and got this at the local bakery! 

A truly delicious pear tart!! So good I want another! 

Happy Sunday everybody. 

8 thoughts on “Run Fifty Nine

    1. It was so good!! It was difficult to pick something they seem to have a great selection of pastries. I was really surprised by the rushing water, had no idea there was a “river” running under my feet.

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    1. It’s been really hard to find the right balance. Last year was ok but I increased the mileage so much since January that I haven’t been able to keep up the calorie intake. Good excuse for the occasional tart!!

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  1. Love the new hood! The river needs to be explored it sounds like there could be an ice bath treat nearby for you! I stuff myself with avocado and baked tomato sandwiches … and a huge pile of baba ganoush after runs. Good fat is key to keep my weight, but then I can’t go and buy pear tarts 😀 mountain goats need different food lol

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