Run Sixty

Sixty runs so far this year! I am pretty psyched about that, and with today’s 15 kms I realised that I just inched past the 900 km mark YTD!! I will reach 1000 kms by the end of July. Last year I didn’t reach 1000 until about the middle of December. Big increase! 🙂

Hit the theme from blues brothers for added coolness!

It was on the hot side and not always much shade so I think I got a bit of sun on the back of my neck. Call me a redneck, I done been called worst. (Ouch, to my teaching ears!) 

Came across this amazing little guy as I cut through a residential car park. Classic Philips black and white tv set, probably early 80s. Was so tempted to lug it home and just use it as decoration. Still had about 2km and a killer climb to get back home though. Ah well.

The good thing about the summer months is that I have more time to run, so I am taking advantage of that and plan on having a number of great excursions in July and August! 

…AND I will be catching up on the reading project. I have a very hard time focusing on books when I am stressed and the last several weeks were extra difficult, but now I am getting back to it. 

Also, I have fallen 10 pounds below my target weight so I really need to pay more attention to that issue. Eat more food. Easy, right?? 

Happy middle of the week!! 

9 thoughts on “Run Sixty

  1. I’d love to he 10 pounds below my target weight, haha!! Hey, good mileage there… or is it kilometerage, hehe. I can see that was a super fancy TV back in the day because of the buttons on it. Nice find, even though you weren’t able to haul it back with you, 😀

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    1. I love all the random stuff I find out on my runs, the TV was a neat find. Yeah, the 10 pounds is a good problem right!? I was 20 or so over my target weight when I set out. Just need to find the right balance between food and all my exercise. 🙂

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  2. It’s surprising what you see on runs. I haven’t come across any tv’s (or shopping trolleys!) but did pass a garden with lots of tiny conifers behind a high hedge – a nursery supplier maybe?
    Enjoy your runs, but don’t forget to eat!

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