Run Sixty One

One benefit of teaching is that summers are light (the draw back of course is no money), so there are more opportunities to run and explore. Today I only had one class and was finished with that by 9:30, so I planned ahead and brought my running gear with me. A quick change and I was out the door (to a few laughs from my coworkers who had never seen me in shorts!!). 

I thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit today by throwing in some steps, the picture probably represents half of the steps I climbed. Some of them were quite steep! 

One of the golden rules of trail running: YOU CARRIED IT IN, YOU CAN CARRY IT OUT!!! One of my greatest pet peeves is coming across something  as disrespectful as this. The trails are for everyone and this just gives runners a bad name as this is a product that only we would consume. I stopped to pick it up but it was covered with ants and I had no way to carry it back out without getting covered in goo and ants. 😦

In between taking loads of great pictures I logged another 13K and just over 900 meters climbed! No unusual finds just beautiful landscapes. 🙂 

TGIF have a great weekend!! 

8 thoughts on “Run Sixty One

  1. i can’t deal with ‘litter-bugs’ either! REALLY annoys me… i have taught my son to say “errmm excuse me you’ve dropped something…” if he sees it happening… and more often than not people turn around and pick up what they have dropped… a few, unfortunately, have hurled verbal abuse 😦 but yes, ZERO respect!
    Aren’t your pics gorgeous! LOVELY place to run!!!! enjoy!

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  2. I too hate litter. It was not unusual for me to surface from a scuba dive with a bag of litter from the sea floor. So annoying.
    Another impressive run with lovely photographs. I’m still in awe of your elevation records.

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    1. Drives me crazy!! Just so rude!
      Thanks, I just can’t stop running in the mountains 😉 planning a flat run for tomorrow though if I can get up early enough to beat the heat…


  3. Beautiful landscapes totally work!! And they are indeed beautiful! I hate seeing litter like that all over the trails too. Even during a race, I won’t toss my gel packets on the ground like many do… it’s just so wrong!

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